Republican Candidate Jason Richey for Governor

Why Pennsylvania Needs Jason Richey to Run for Governor

Over the past 50 years, most communities across the Commonwealth have suffered from similar challenges – namely, slow growth and failure to maintain population and labor. In fact, without five counties in southeastern Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth would rank among the worst states in the country in terms of population and economic growth.  

Jason Richey and his team seek to bring Pennsylvanians
together to replace and eliminate antiquated laws
that have for decades impeded our growth. 

There is absolutely no reason that a state with hard working people, abundant natural resources and located in the middle of the most prosperous region of the world should not be thriving.  Yet, our oversized government, excessive taxes and archaic laws have held us back. 

The Great Pennsylvania Comeback is working to realign the state government to work FOR & WITH the citizens of Pennsylvania.  Our Contract with Pennsylvania is a contract with the citizens of Pennsylvania.  A contract to renew their individual rights, a contract to make their government accountable to them, a contract for the growth and prosperity of the citizens of this great state well into the future.   Jason Richey is our candidate for Governor to provide the leadership necessary to make this comeback a reality.

Jason proposes to fight for the following Contract with Pennsylvania
that if fulfilled will immediately start Pennsylvania's Comeback!

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The Great Pennsylvania Comeback
Republican Candidate, Jason Richey

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